Service Description

EAL sessions are meant to help individuals who are working on english comprehension in a variety of subjects. Our helpers will be able to assist you with reading, vocabulary, conversation, grammar, writing and style. Please be prepared to share what you would like to learn with our tutors before the session.

Cancellation Policy

If you miss one session you will get an email informing you that your absence has been recorded. This is a warning email. If you miss a second session, regardless of the time between your first and second missed session, you will be suspended for a week. This means that all of the sessions you have currently booked will be cancelled and you will not be able to book any more sessions the following Monday to Sunday. You will receive an email informing you that you are suspended. If you are unable to attend a session after you book, all you must do is cancel the session via calendly at any time before the lesson. Any canceled sessions will not be counted towards a “no-show class”