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(Written instructions below)

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Registering For Tutoring


Please register for an account through the "Log in" tab at the top of your screen.



Every Sunday night, the helpers will release their weekly schedules. You can access their schedules through the Register page. In the drop down menu select you/your child's the grade level.


Before you register for a session decide whether you/your child needs EAL tutoring, which is geared towards those wanting to learn the English language or academic tutoring. Once you've identified what type of session you need click on the respective subject to book a session. Please note that many of our academic tutors will tutor English, but their sessions are not geared towards language learners. If a language learning session is booked with an academic tutor it will be canceled. 


Once a subject has been selected a calendar will appear. Click on the date which is most convenient for you to receive a tutoring session. Please note that you will only be able to book sessions for ONE WEEK at a time



Once a date is selected the available times will appear. Click on the time that is most convenient for you to receive a tutoring session.


Once a time has been selected the tutors available for that time slot will appear. Click on the tutor that you would like to work with, answer the questions on the booking form, and confirm your session. More about our individual tutors can be found under the Tutors tab.


Once your session is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with your session information. You will also be able to see the sessions you currently have booked by accessing your account. 


Once you have signed up for a time slot your helper will receive an email with your information. They will then be able to contact you and set up the logistics for your session. Sessions will take place over the Zoom app which can be downloaded on any laptop or portable device such as an Ipad. Also, please scroll down to the "Important notes" section of this page!


Please remember that each of the sessions are run based off of the personal teaching styles of the Helpers! If you have already booked a session and have a question, you must contact the Helper directly as it is most likely that only they will be able to answer your question.

If you wish to have the Helper review a specific worksheet or read a specific book with your child please send them a copy of the sheets (picture or PDF) or the name of the book ahead of time. If they cannot find a PDF of the book online you may need to send them pictures of the pages you want read so they can follow along.


Our tutors are so excited to work with you! We ask that you follow these guidelines when registering for a session. Please read them over carefully as breaking from the guidelines may result in the cancelation of your  sessions. 

1. Our goal is to make these sessions available to the most amount of students. Please limit registration to a maximum of 2 sessions per student per week.


2. You may not register for a session with less than 24 hours notice.

3.  Some, but not all of our tutors, are happy to spend a session with you/your child teaching without guidance from school worksheets. However, unstructured sessions take a lot of preparation in order to make fun and engaging. If you are looking for an unstructured session (one without school work given from a teacher) your chosen tutor may not be able to accommodate. 

4. Tutors have indicated what age groups and subjects they feel comfortable tutoring. If a session is booked outside of these specifications the tutor may choose to not accept the session. This includes booking English language learning sessions with an academic tutor and vice versa.

5. Please carefully review our "No Show Policy" here.

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